5.0 out of 5.0 stars

When a discussion comes up about the Best Burgers in the Twin Cities, this burger should be brought up every time!

You may not have had this burger yet, since it has only been available on the weekends, but now is your chance.  @martinarestaurant has put it on their daily To Go menu.  No idea how long it will be there, so I suggest you take advantage of it.

My Top 10 list starts with this beauty.  Two super flavorful patties, smashed thin, charred and seasoned just right.  Delicious American cheese that melts right into the beef.  Thin sliced red onions reside on top of each patty.  Thicker sliced, tasty pickles top it off.  The egg bun is soft and toasted perfectly.  It will satisfy all your burger needs.  It does come with tomatoes and lettuce if you would like to keep those on.  They will come on your burger as part of the To Go option.

The list starts here!  What list?  My Top 10 list, that’s what.  I have made a couple of modifications to that list recently and will be posting soon. (It’s on my website if you really want to see it now.).

Potato Churros – Incredible!