4.5 out of 5.0 stars

When you know it will be the most expensive burger you’ve ever had, what goes through your mind?  I was joking around saying “I hope it’s at least a double patty for this kind of cash”! Well, it was one heck of a double patty and I’ll even use the word Epic!

I always get the filet mignon at my favorite steakhouse, but tonight we came for the burger.  Their lineup of beef is unmatched.  The burger was no exception.  These 1/2 pound patties are enormous and incredible.  There is no question that the beef is the star of this show.

All I can say is perfect!  The beef was perfectly cooked, incredibly juicy and had ridiculous flavor.  If a pound, or something close to that, of beef isn’t enough, they throw on some delicious short ribs on both patties.  Mushrooms top the patty and then they pile on a whole lot of haystack type onions.  It’s an impressive burger display.

It’s the first time in a very long time I’ve had a hamburger and not a cheeseburger.  Would I have liked cheese and a really good, flavorful mayo?  Of course, but I do understand that they don’t want any distractions from the phenomenal beef.  A nice brioche type bun holds this monster.

Is it worth the price?  I’d have to say so!  It’s quite the Burger experience.  I certainly enjoyed it.

Truffle French Fries- Very good!

Mac and Cheese – Good.

Banana Split – Delicious!

The Manny’s Brownie – Fantastic!