5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Takeout:  I like getting back to a place that has a great burger for two reasons.  I get to have that delicious burger again, and I get to see if my first review of that burger still holds up.  Well, if you are someone who likes change, look elsewhere.  Nothing has changed.  This burger still kicks ass!

I get asked a lot what my so called “hidden gem” or “under the radar” burgers are around the Twin Cities.  Look no further than the Manger Burger!  Stillwater might be the more popular destination, but a couple miles south of there in Bayport, Manger just might have the best burger in the area.

The 1/2 pound blend of chuck & brisket gets seared beautifully in a cast iron skillet inside of their wood-stone, super hot oven.  It’s seasoned very well and cooked to my perfect temp.  A firmer, but very flavorful cheese called Double Gloucester, with bits of chives and onions, that I’ve only seen on this burger, sits atop perfectly melted provolone.  Caramelized onions are added as well.  Another unique part of this burger is the delicious, sweet, with a little kick, thyme honey mustard, slathered on the bottom bun.  Some mustards can be a little overwhelming, but this is not.  The Franklin Street Bakery, lightly toasted bun is great.

It was awesome to get back here, although now I’ll need to go back when I can sit at the bar and watch things go into that oven and come out as delicious works of art.  If there is a place you are looking to support, Chef Mike and his wife, Nicole, will certainly be appreciative if you make a stop at Manger.

French Fries – Fantastic!

Braised Beef Pizza – Very good!

Gruyere Croquettes – Delicious!