4.0 out of 5.0 stars

One of the things I love is getting out of the Twin Cities and discovering what Smalltown USA has to offer.  With a population of not much more than 500 people, this is as close to small as it gets.

I have In-laws in this area of southeastern Minnesota, so I’ve been here many times, but never had the pleasure of stopping into the dive bar that is the Main Street Saloon.

Nothing fancy here, just a really good dive bar burger.  The double patties were pretty darn juicy and seasoned well.  The cheese was good and melted well.  The bacon was cooked to my preference and the bun was soft and toasted.  Give me a few sliced pickles and some good fries and I’m a happy burger camper!

I enjoyed it very much!  If you find yourself in the bluffs of the Mississippi river around the Lacrosse area on the Minnesota side, I would tell you to drive a few miles to Hokah and have a burger and some pizza!  I think you’ll like it a lot!

French fries – Very good!

Minnesota style pizza (Thin crust, cut into squares) – Fantastic!