4.5 out of 5.0 stars

This is such a cool story.  You grow up in a Twin Cities suburb a few blocks from a landmark diner you love to go have a burger at.  Later in life, that diner closes.  Of course, it brings back great memories from your childhood.  What do you do?  About 20 years after it closes, you open up a new restaurant on that same lot and give it the same name it had back in the late 1940’s.

That’s exactly what Brandon Bramscher did.  It’s his tribute to that local landmark diner.  It definitely has an updated, modern feel.  I sat at one of the stools at the bar and ordered exactly what Brandon did when he was a kid, the burger.

I’ve told you many times, the smashburger is King in the Twin Cities.  If I’m creating or even defining what a smashburger is or should be, it’s the Mac Daddy.  It’s the classic smashburger.

Two 1/4 pound chunks of 80/20 ground chuck, smashed thin on a hot flattop, giving the patties a great char.  They are seasoned very nicely.  The beef has that loose feel and is nice and juicy.  American cheese is melted perfectly.  Diced, sautéed onions top the cheese on each patty.  A few sliced house pickles cover the bottom bun and sit in the delicious Mac’s sauce, which is swiped on the top and bottom buns.  The bun is fantastic.  It’s very soft and lightly toasted.  You’ll notice there is an “M” branded on top of the bun.  There are not very many buns that get branded like this, but you may have noticed it on a few of the burgers over at Brandon’s other restaurant, @b52burgersandbrew.

This burger felt so good in my hand and tasted as good as it felt.  If you are wondering how a smashburger should be made.  The Mac Daddy at @macsdinernsp has your answer.

They open at 8:00am for breakfast.  The Mac Daddy is available on the lunch and dinner menus.  Try their Mac Wings and Bacon Wrapped Cheese Curds too!