5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Lyn 65 seems to be mentioned by a lot of people when you talk about the best burgers around the Twin Cities.  That being said, I’ve always thought it was a good burger, but not a great burger.  Did I just not get it?  Have I been missing the magic?

Yes, I have!  This is a fantastic burger!  This is one of the best burgers in the Twin Cities!

I chose the Single, because it’s actually a Double.  Two Swanson Meats, 3oz. patties, ground in house, juicy, seasoned well and actually had a hint of pink.  American cheese is melted beautifully and wraps around each patty.  Tasty cucumber style pickles top the cheese and delicious white dijonnaise is swiped on the top bun.  Tiny chopped shallots hide beneath the patties.  The Grandma’s Bakery bun is soft and perfectly toasted with that crispy edge around the outside.  You can add bacon and an egg if you like.

If it sounds similar to a famous Chicago burger, you are right.  It is inspired by the Cheeseburger at Au Cheval.  You can also get this burger in a Double, which is actually a Triple patty.  The single/double confusion comes from Au Cheval as well.  There is no explanation from anyone.  I decided to enjoy this burger without bacon.  I added bacon the two previous times I had this burger.  This burger is fantastic and should be on your Best Burgers in the Twin Cities list.  It is now on mine!