5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Remember when you could only get the LHM Burger on Wednesdays?  If you missed that day, you had to wait another week.  I can’t even imagine that kind of pain.  Thankfully, @lowryhillmeats offers their burger 5 days a week, so you don’t have to stress out.

If you think about it, where should you go for good beef?  How about a butcher shop?  I would think they know something about beef.  They sure do.  The beef patty is super juicy and cooked to the perfect temp.  You can get it as a 1/4 pound single or bump it up to a double, which makes it a meal.

Their house-made American cheese is fantastic.  Their special sauce is a whole grain mustardy type concoction.  It’s delicious.  The caramelized onions are tasty.  On the bottom bun are a couple leaves of bib lettuce along with their fantastic house-made pickles.  The brioche bun is soft and toasted.

This is one of the best burgers in the Twin Cities!