5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Dreams really do come true!  This burger has been at the top of my list ever since Rick Nelson from the Star Tribune called it a “life-affirming cheeseburger”!  I couldn’t have said it any better!  This burger will change your life and not many burgers can do that.  Yes, this is a butcher shop.  And yes, it’s where the journey stops.  It is burger Nirvana!  It all starts with this wonderful, super juicy beef mixture from all parts of the cow. They say it has brisket, chuck, sirloin and strip in it.  It is cooked to medium perfection.

The house-made American cheese is gooey, delicious and plentiful.  The pickles, so flavorful and the perfect compliment to everything.  The fresh lettuce catches the juice from the patty and delays the bun from getting soggy.  That wonderful, soft, lightly toasted, brioche bun is a thing of beauty.  The best burger bun you may ever come across.  The LHM burger normally comes with a 4 oz. patty, but you can make it a double and have twice the beef experience.  The only drawback is that this heavenly creation is only served on Wednesdays when the steer is delivered from a family raised, locally owned farm in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.  I would suggest clearing a Wednesday on your calendar and making the trek to Lowry Hill Meats in Minneapolis where your dreams could come true too!

French Fries – None.  I got over it!