4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If you’ve been out West and you are missing that special burger with that special sauce, you may want to head East to Hudson. The similarities of their Animal Burger might just tide you over until your next trip.

This is undeniably their twist on the In-N-Out Burger. There are some good things going on here. The beef is a short rib-brisket angus blend. Two ¼ pound patties. They cook them medium-ish. They have flavor and are well seasoned. They were pretty juicy too. Caramelized onions are slopped on each patty and a ton of melted American cheese covers the onions. I’m guessing you could get raw onions as well. A large slice of tomato and some bibb lettuce are placed under the patties. There are a ton of thinly sliced pickles that were very good.

Their sauce is called Fancy sauce and they slather a lot of it on the bottom and top buns. It has that 1000 island-ish taste to it, but I would have liked it to stand out a little more and grab my taste buds. It didn’t wow me. The bun tried to keep things in check, but ultimately it could not. The bun was ok. The Animal Burger is one messy, messy burger. You need mad skills to keep this all in place. As I say many times, I don’t mind that at all.

You may just want to make a run for the border to Lolo American Kitchen in Hudson for this Animal Burger!

Alderwood Smoked Salt & Rosemary Fries – Fantastic!
Banh Mi Toast – Very good!

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@shawnsrodgers & @phatphood have some sweet pics from the night.