4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Breaking News!  Missing Burger found!  A few of you might remember the Big Stag Burger, which won the 2017 Twin Cities Burger Battle.  I remember loving it there and loving the full sized burger at McKinney Roe’s restaurant.  That restaurant has since closed, and the burger with it is gone, right?  Not so fast.

From downtown, out to the lake.  Not movin’ up, but movin’ out.  When an owner has multiple restaurants, things like this are possible.  It’s pretty much the same burger that has been added to Lola’s menu and it’s still a fantastic burger!

Two quarter pound patties, pretty juicy and they did hit my pink request.  The cheese color is one change.  Yellow American takes over from white. It’s melted beautifully.  Nicely cooked bacon is added to the mix.  The next three components become one and are delicious, caramelized onions, onion jam, and Dijon mayo.  A few thin sliced pickles and some more Dijon mayo cover the bottom bun.

They also add just the right amount of crispy fried onion straws.  The bun is of the pretzel variety, toasted beautifully, not too dense and is a great choice.

For the smaller appetites, they offer a Little Stag Burger with a single patty during happy hour.

Make the trip out to the western suburbs to Lola’s Lakehouse.  The Big Stag Burger has new life, and Life is Good!

Little Stag Burger – Fantastic!

Pair of Balls – Delicious!