4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Little Tijuana, or Little T’s as many like to call it, is back open for dinner and for your late night cravings.

The #TCBurgerNight crew of @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers & myself thought we would stop in and see first hand what the heck is on the new menu.

If you are thinking a Mexican style menu, think again. Chef Dan, @dmanosack, tells us it’s an Asian style with a little State Fair flair.

Let’s get to this burger. It’s called a Steam Burger, but it’s not what you might think. The beef is not steamed. The two 1/4 brisket, chuck & short rib beef patties from @stockyards are grilled on a flattop, they have a nice char, they are seasoned well and have juiciness to them. American cheese is the choice. The menu might say cheese sauce, but it’s regular sliced American cheese. A few dill pickles are thrown on top with some tasty “ketchonaise”, which is a mixture of ketchup and kewpie mayo. Caramelized onions are below the patties. I was pleasantly surprised when Chef Dan told us the bun was a Martin’s Potato Roll. A simple but soft and toasted bun. The Steam? Chef pretty much assembles the burger and then steams it for a little bit to give the bun that steam softened feel. Give me a little more ketchonaise and a lighter toast on the bun and I’m even happier than I am. I don’t talk menu prices very often, but they are super affordable.

You may not be able to find the menu online or their website. It is “littletijuanampls.com”.

This is a very good burger. Thanks to co-owners, Chef Dan and to Bar Manager, Bennett Johnson, @bennettpuente for giving us some of their time to learn about their vision for Little T’s. Also, a thank you to our very friendly and attentive server, Chloe.

Shawn & Phat have some need to know information for you.