4.5 out of 5.0 stars

One of my favorite food stops in Portland, Oregon, was a sandwich shop called Lardo.  They certainly know they are the go to place for sandwiches.  I asked what a couple of their most popular menu items were, and was told “all of them”.

As good as their lineup of sandwiches is, their best menu item just might be the Utah Burger.  Start with a 1/4 pound beef patty that’s juicy, seasoned beautifully and has a great char on it.  American cheese tops the patty.  The sandwich component to this burger is the moist and tender, house smoked pastrami that’s loaded up next, and then more American cheese.

Throw on some dill pickles and some fantastic fry sauce, all on a soft, lightly toasted, beauty of a bun, and you’ve got something to be remembered.  You even get a chunk of dill pickle speared on top of the bun.

My next trip to Oregon will include a stop at Lardo for their Utah Burger!

I’ve got two states on my mind. 😉

Lardo Fries – Fantastic!

Fry sauce – Delicious!

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich – Very good!