4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s been over 3 years since I’ve had the Cheeseburger at Lake & Irving. Delicious Cheeseburger, I’ve missed you so much! 🍔
Burger Hour brought myself, @phatphood and @shawnsrodgers to the corner of Lake and Irving for one of the best burgers in the Twin Cities! You knew that, didn’t you?

The double pattied beef, a Pat LaFrieda blend, is quickly seared on a hot grill, is flavorful and juicy. Melted white cheese covers each patty beautifully. Their flavorful secret sauce is swiped on the buns. Tasty pickles are on the side, but I quickly added them to the top of my burger. You have the option to add duroc bacon. This bacon is juicy, delicious and cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend adding it. The Patisserie 46 brioche bun is soft, buttered and toasted. It’s a really good bun.

I love this burger! 😋

Thank you, Carley for checking on us a few times during the extended burger photo-shoot. 🤣
Fries – Very good! Get some Harissa sauce to dip them in.
Furikake Chicken – Very good! Very flavorful.