3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Restaurants were hoping to get the good news that they would be able to open back up on June 1st.  That didn’t happen, as they were told they could only open up their patios, if they even had one, at half capacity.  Fortunately, they will be able to serve patrons inside their restaurants starting June 10th, albeit at 50%. That being said, it was awesome to be on a patio, finally getting food straight from the kitchen to my table.

It’s Summer and it’s a great time to head to Southeast Minnesota and spend some time driving, walking or biking along the Mississippi River.  I think it’s quite possibly the most scenic part of our state.  Kelly’s has a large covered patio that will protect you from the elements and give you a view of the mighty Mississippi River.  Once your thirst is quenched and your belly is full, head down the street to Bay Point Park and get a closer look at the River.  The significance of this area is that it’s located where the Mississippi River has its sharpest curve on its journey down to the Gulf of Mexico.

To fill up your belly, I’m thinking a burger will take care of you.  I tried the Pork Belly Burger.  A half pound chuck, short rib, sirloin and brisket blend, that had a good, kind of unique flavor.  The beef had a softer feel to it.  It had a little char on it. They cook it towards medium well.

They give you a good amount of caramelized onions, then throw on a round slice of Gouda cheese.  Its melt doesn’t wrap around the patty, but it was soft and a little gooey.  You get a couple strips of their tasty smoked pork belly that finishes this off.  The pretzel bun was soft, had a super nice toast on it, with that little crispy edge.  Good bun.

Beer Battered French Fries – Very good!

Deep Fried Pickle Chips – Fantastic!

If you want to know anything about Red Wing, DM their most famous resident, Bill from @hanischbakery.