3.5 out of 5.0 stars

South St. Paul, historically known for having the worlds largest stockyard at one point, during its 122 year run.  The last cattle sale was back in 2008.  It was also known for having the largest meatpackjng plant in the world as well.  I think it’s a fitting place to have a burger.

The Kaposia Club pays homage to South St. Paul’s historical roots.  Their menu has burgers called the Cowtown Classic and the Stockyard’s Burger.  You can also start your day with their Cattleman’s Breakfast.  I’m having their most popular burger, which as you might imagine, is their version of the Big Mac.

Two juicy 1/4 pound beef patties cooked to a perfect medium.  They have a nice char on them.  The loose patties were a little non-uniform, so they kind of slid around.  Not something I couldn’t handle though. I wanted a lot more seasoning on the beef.  A bunch of thicker cut pickles totally satisfied me.  The thousand island sauce was plentiful and tasty, and coated the perfect amount of crispy, shredded lettuce on the bottom bun.  American cheese, of course!

The only things missing were some onions and the sesame seed bun.  I’ll take the onions, but the bun was perfect!

This was a good take on the Big Mac!  I think you’ll enjoy it.  I have my eye on their Stockyard’s Burger for my next visit!

French Fries – Good.

Cheese Curds – Good.