3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I must admit, I actually like going to the grocery store.  There’s just something about buying food that is enjoyable.  What I’m not getting at my grocery store is a good burger, but I know where to get one!

I had heard about a good burger at Jerry’s Foods a few months ago, but didn’t really pursue it since, it’s a grocery store, c’mon.  I recently saw a couple of people mention it, so since it is in my lunch hour wheelhouse, I had to check it out.

It’s a good looking diner-style burger.  Two thin patties with a great flattop char to them and they were not overcooked.  American cheese was melted beautifully on each patty.  The bacon was cooked just right.  I asked for grilled onions and as you can see, they gave me a whole lot of them and they cooked them just right as well.  Works for me!  They give you some lettuce, a tomato and a couple of long, sliced dill pickles.  I put the pickles on, but the rest I left on my plate.  The bun, soft, buttery and toasted beautiful was great!

All good, right?  Close, but I was really bothered by the failure to season the beef.  It was good, but would have been so much better with some seasoning.  It did lack flavor.  Overall, it’s a good burger, but a lack of seasoning rears its ugly head again.

It’s a good lunch option.  Go to Jerry’s for some groceries, but make a beeline to The Kitchen for a burger!

French Fries – Very good!