4.5 out of 5.0 stars

There are so many small businesses/restaurants we want to support right now.  Do what you can and feel good about it.  We can’t get to all of them individually, but as a collective we can and we are!

This is a very small restaurant I’ve become very fond of.  I first visited them a couple of years ago and loved their food.  Jellybean & Julias also hosted our first #TCBurgerNight of 2020.  The Trucker Burger was their signature burger when they ran a food truck a few years ago, before they opened up the restaurant.  Their menu states it’s just a good bacon cheeseburger, but I’d like to use a little more colorful adjective to describe it.  It’s fantastic!

The 1/3 pound Angus beef patty from @reviercattle is charred and seasoned nicely and is pretty juicy.  They will cook it to your desired temp.  For me, a 1/3 pound patty is right on the weight edge of being doubled.  Yeah, I doubled it.  It’s a lot of beef, but still ok.  You’ll be fine with the single patty too.  The burger comes with cheddar cheese, but I felt like American. 🇺🇸 No worries.  It was beautifully melted on both patties.  Perfectly cooked bacon tops both patties.  Tasty caramelized onions show up everywhere as well.  Will you give me some sauce?  Yep!  Their delicious roasted garlic mayo takes very good care of me.  They have a new bun from Diamond City Bread out of Elk River and it’s soft, lightly toasted and very good.

This burger looks great from 6 ft. away, but social distancing be damned, touch it, grab it, and devour it! 😉😋

Owners, Koli & Cory have an opportunity for much needed expansion.  I’ll be mentioning how you can help soon.

Call your order in ahead of time.  Go inside to pick up your order.

Note:  I did have a Heart Attack while at J&J’s.  It was delicious! 😉🤣 @tcfooddude will have a full review soon. 😎