5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s been 2 years since I took my Burger Journey to Instagram.  I had started www.tcburgerblog.com a year earlier and was doing my thing there, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  A friend of mine, @homersdonkey, said, “you need to be on Instagram, dude”! I didn’t know a whole lot about how to do things on Instagram.  I had all of these reviews I had to get out there.  I think I posted 8 reviews in one night.  Some would say, I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing on IG, and they just might be right, but one thing they can’t say is that I don’t have a passion for the almighty Burger!

For me, it’s been a great 2 year ride, especially this past year.  I got to meet @chefharcey, who’s Perfect Burger changed my life and inspired me to start my Burger Blog.  Also, just last week I got to meet @stephaniemarch, who’s Burger Madness Burger Bracket back in August 2013’s @mspmag, told me about the Perfect Burger, which won their Burger Bracket.  One more notable person for me was @jimburon, who started the @tcburgerbattle 6 years ago.  I was able to meet him a month ago at the Battle.  The other thing I wanted to note was the fact that I get to spend time each week with @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers at our Twin Cities Burger Nights, #TCBN.  Their creativity in getting an incredible and unique shot is unmatched.  The content they provide tells me everything I want to know.  I feel like I’m getting a free, “how to do things” class every week.  I owe a lot of my foodie growth to them.  It’s been so much fun meeting owners, chefs, managers and servers at all of the restaurants we’ve had Burger Nights.

My mission is still the same, to tell as many people as I can about the great Burgers around the Twin Cities Metro Area.  I smile every time I see someone having a great burger!  Keep tagging me!  I have gotten a few pics of myself out there, so you can find out what I look like.  If you do see me, please stop and say a quick Hi.  I’d love to meet you.  I’ve also hit a few places in the North Metro as I said I wanted to.  I’ll do more in the future.  I created the hashtag #onlygoodburgers.  I only review good burgers.  I’m not going to write bad reviews as you are looking for good burgers, not bad ones.  If you don’t see a review about a restaurant, DM me, and I’ll give you my opinion.  My feed will continue to be positive and inclusive.  We are on this food journey together!

I’ve also cleared 5K for followers, and I’ve seen every follow.  Thank you!  You rock!  It’s a nice number, but to me, it means more people will hear about the great burgers around the Twin Cities.

I’m still very motivated to keep the Burger, front and center, in the Twin Cities!  It’s going to be a fun rest of 2019!

Now i will get back to posting and instastorying about my Burgers, my Cats, my 80’s Rock, and my @smallcakesmn.