4.0 out of 5.0 stars

St. Paul’s Keg and Case Market has been a hot spot since it opened nearly a year and a half ago.  A collection of restaurants and market merchants, offering a bunch of different food options and shopping experiences.  Can I get a good burger somewhere in the market?  I saw Revival Smoked Meats was there and I was super excited to have yet another option to get their fantastic Revival Burger.  I found out there was one problem, you can’t get their Top 5 burger at this location.  Fortunately, for me and you, Revival owners, @chefthomasb & Nick Rancone, have yet another restaurant at the market and it’s got a pretty darn good burger.

When you go, sit in the kitchen area where everything is cooked.  They only use wood to cook.  The wood fire smell is so good.  It’s pretty cool to watch everything.

These guys know how to make a fantastic burger.  Once again, I’ve found a burger that has that soft feel to it and melts in your mouth.  Local beef, an 80% brisket to 20% NY Strip, ground in house.  They nailed my pink temp!  It’s soft and melts in your mouth.  You won’t find many burgers around here that use raclette cheese, but it’s a great choice.  It melts well and has a nutty flavor.  It is similar to gruyere.  They give you plenty of cheese.  Duke’s mayo is squeezed onto the top bun.  I know a couple of people who love Duke’s as we don’t see it a lot up here.  The @thesaltytartstp bun is sheer perfection!  It’s soft, lightly toasted and feels so good in your hand.  I did have to knock my rating down.  I needed a lot more seasoning on the beef.  This is a problem at far too many places.  This is a very good burger!  I was a little confused, and probably just don’t get it, but with the burger you get a little bowl of charred onion jus.  It’s like a little bowl of onion soup.  I don’t know if they wanted me to dip my burger in it, but I didn’t want to do that.  It was good on its own.  There also are no fries or any potato options for dinner to go with my burger.  There are breakfast potatoes you can get for brunch.  I get there are no deep fryers, but I want a potato option!