5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I don’t profess to be a great Italian restaurant mind, but I’ve had a few very good burgers at Italian restaurants.  This one came out of nowhere for me, but somewhere, is where I think it’s going!

I’m still saying to myself, why hasn’t someone told me about this place?  I’d like to thank Colleen, who manages the I Nonni Restaurant instagram page, for tagging me.  The I Nonni Burger is not only a very good Italian burger, it’s a great Italian burger!  The flavors are very different and refreshing.  I don’t know of another burger out there like it right now.

The two charbroiled, 1/4 pound ground steak patties, are a Black Angus blend of New York Strip, ribeye and chuck from Revier Cattle.  The blend also has house cured and smoked bacon in it.  They have a loose formed patty feel that melts in your mouth.  I love the texture and flavor of this juicy beef.  Of course an Italian cheese is used.  Crucolo cheese, moist, rich and buttery covers the patties.  Thicker, fleshier fried onions join the mix on both patties as well.  You get a little tomato vibe from the tomatoes that are tossed in olive oil and balsamic and then roasted.  A few leafs of arugula line the bottom bun along with some delicious Calabrian chili aioli, which is swiped on the top bun as well.  These Calabrian chili peppers are very popular in Italian cooking and loved for their flavor and spice.  On the side you also get a few delicious thin sliced pickles.  The bun, from next door at Buon Giorno Deli is soft, lightly toasted and perfect.

This is unlike any burger you will find out there.  The Italian flavors shine.  This burger is a flavor bomb.  You deserve this experience.

Right now it is on the curbside pickup/to go menu.  When the indoor dining ban is lifted, this burger will go on the bar happy hour menu with daily quantity limits.  I’m calling for a blitz to force them to think about putting it on their main dining menu down the road.

Rosemary Fries – Fantastic!  The house ketchup is great.

Arancini – Delicious!