4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Travel Post!  In Minnesota, we have our burger institutions like Lion’s Tap and Gordy’s Hi-Hat to mention a couple.  They give us simple, delicious burgers.  I ran across one of Idaho’s burger institutions.

Talk about being around for a while.  Since 1907!  5 generations later, the menu is still small.  Not many decisions to make.  You get hamburgers and cheeseburgers in singles and doubles.  You get raw onions and pickles.  That’s it.  The beef is fresh and hand pattied as you order.  The beef is cooked one way.  Medium to medium well.  It’s pretty juicy and has a good char.  I think most of the seasoning comes from the grill and how many burgers they’ve made over the years.  You’ll get American cheese on your patty, but if you order a double, there’s no cheese on the second patty.  I don’t know if you can get cheese on the second patty.  I’ll ask next time, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.  The bun is simple.  They have spicy ketchup, regular ketchup and a spicy mustard to put on if you like.  I recommend the spicy ketchup.

Should you get fries with that?  Nope.  They don’t have fries.  Would I like fries.  Hell yeah!  Not here.  They have pie.  Burgers and pie?  It works.  The pie is delicious though.

The place is busy.  You sit at the long counter and chat with the servers and get a good burger pretty quickly.  I recommend checking it out, but if a gourmet burger is what you are looking for, save it for another day.  If it’s a burger institution or just a quick burger fix your looking for, stop in for the whole Hudson’s Hamburger experience.  I enjoyed mine.  Don’t share or you will be ordering another one!  You just might anyway.