4.0 out of 5.0 stars

A LaCrosse landmark with a newly designed kitchen and a new menu is kicking out some really good burgers.

Located by the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and frequently voted one of the best sports bars in the state.  They’ve raised the bar on so called “bar food”.

I’m thinking your first burger at Howie’s should be The Howie Burger.  Two fresh beef patties, cooked pretty close to medium.  A slice of cheddar covers the bottom patty and a slice of swiss covers the top patty.  Both were melted very well.

Two slices of perfectly cooked applewood bacon top the patty.  A couple of juicy tomatoes and a few leaves of lettuce are placed below both patties.

As is becoming more popular these days, much to my liking, is they have their own kick-ass special sauce.  They call theirs “Howie’s Dynamite sauce and it is “Dynamite”! It has a definite presence on the burger.  You will want to get some on the side as well for your fries.  The bun has a little different feel to it and it not toasted at all, but it was soft and good.  It was a little messy towards the end, but bring it on!

Howie’s is officially “out of state”, but as we know, being right across the border, it’s just a two hour drive from the Twin Cities.  Next time you are down in that area, make this your burger stop.

It’s a good burger!

Fries – Very good.  Get a side of Dynamite sauce to dip them in.