4.0 out of 5.0 stars

There’s no place like Home.  I’m guessing that’s what the locals are saying about this cute, little cafe located somewhere in the Riverview neighborhood just south of Harriet Island.  Can you name any restaurants in this area?  I know I couldn’t, but I can now.

The beef is locally sourced from Watertown, MN.  While I couldn’t get the single patty cooked to temp, it was pretty juicy and had good flavor.  The star is the Bongard’s American cheese, all 2 slices of it.  It’s rich and thick and really good.  Usually, the cheese is melted directly on the beef patty, but here it’s melted over the thick sliced, grilled onions.  A few small, thick sliced house-made pickles top the cheese.  They swipe a little of their house-made ketchup on the bottom bun.  I’m a ketchup fan, but I like the option to put it on myself.  The bun was very good.  Soft and lightly toasted.

Add Home Street Home to your list.  It’s a good burger!

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Fries – No Fries.  No potato option.  A little disappointed.

Four Cheese Grilled Cheese – Good.