4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Last night marked the 72nd #TCBurgerNight with Phatphood & Shawn Rodgers.  I’ve always looked forward to seeing the boys and dominating any and all Burgers that cross our paths that night.  I had a little extra spring in my step, thinking about a special Burger getting unveiled.

Holman’s Table opened their doors back in January of 2018.  They offered a couple of the same burgers as their sister restaurant, Rock Elm Tavern.  I remember looking at their menu and saying to myself, those are the same burgers, I don’t really need to get out there right away.  That all changes now!  Owner Troy Reding and Chef Garrett Green have unveiled their signature Burger, the $300 Burger, and you are going to want to plan a visit to Holman’s Table very soon to check out this decadent beauty!

Their beef is Black Angus from Revier Farms out of Olivia, MN.  It was flavorful, juicy, cooked to the perfect pink temp and seasoned pretty well.  The creamy, nutty gruyere cheese is perfectly melted.  A delicious Madeira Truffle Demi is poured over the cheese.  This is a classic French brown sauce made with Madeira wine.  There will be even more sauce added, to mix for dipping going forward.  Adding to the decadence, is a couple of square pats of savory, foie gras butter added at the end to slowly melt over the patty.  The brioche bun from Franklin Street Bakery is toasted beautifully, has a nice soft feel and is a great choice to finish off this outstanding Burger.  The bun will be scaled back size wise a little bit to perfect the meat to bun ratio, although I didn’t think it was much of an issue.  This is certainly an elevated, gourmet burger.

Chef Green has a bunch of new menu items that you’ll love, including some fantastic poutine, but the $300 Burger is the centerpiece of it all.  Kudos to Troy and Garrett for creating a signature Burger that you can only get at Holman’s Table.  Treat yourself to this baby!

  1. This Burger is not $300.  It is an elevated gourmet Burger with wedge potatoes for $24.  It’s called the $300 Burger, to play off the traditionally named $100 where pilots would fly somewhere to lunch and by the time they added up their tab and fuel, it turned out to be around $100.  This Burger is available for Dinner only.

Poutine Fantastic!

Espresso Crusted Elk – Delicious!

Desserts – Fantastic!