4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Summer in Minnesota means spending quality patio time whenever and wherever you can.  It’s hard to beat the million dollar view from the patio at The Hideaway Burger Bar.  It’s also going to be hard to beat the Burger lineup they have put together.

There has been a lot of buzz about The Hideaway since it opened a few weeks ago.  I can see why.  My first visit to this place with @shawnsrodgers & @phatphhood for Burger Hour gave us a chance to see what that buzz was all about.

I picked the Bacon Cheeseburger.  The 6oz. Handmade Prime Angus Beef Patty was cooked perfectly, seasoned well and was plenty juicy.  American cheese blankets the patty.  I’ve had Nueske’s bacon a few times and in my opinion, you can taste the difference.  It was cooked perfectly and was delicious!  I added some tasty caramelized onions to the mix.  Below the patty there is a juicy tomato, some red onions, a slice of bibb lettuce to kind of hold the juices in and a few thick sliced pickles on the side.  The top bun has a dollop of their secret sauce, which was super good!  This pretzel bun was soft and lightly toasted.  I think we have a winner!

I enjoyed the heck out of this burger!  Check out the reviews of The Lamb Hot Damn from @shawnsrodgers and The Bourgeois from @phatpood.  You’ll find similar likings from them.  Thank you to Jasmine and Ashley for taking such great care of us.  You were awesome!

Enjoy the view of downtown Minneapolis from across the Mississippi River while you’re enjoying one of these very good burgers at The Hideaway Burger Bar.

French Fries – Big, thick and delicious!  Get some special sauce to dip them in.

Wings – Fantastic!  Crispy, a great seasoning and very juicy!

Minnesota Roll Ups – Very good!