4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Located across the street from Rice Park, right next to The Ordway and a few blocks from the X, Herbie’s on the Park has always been a great spot for pre and post games, concerts and plays, but you don’t need an event to stop in, feel welcome and get some great food and drinks.  You will feel welcome in a suit, a jersey or a T-Shirt.

A bonus Twin Cities Burger Night (#TCBN) tonight with the regulars, @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and myself takes us to our first official St. Paul restaurant.  Yes, St. Paul, we love you too.  Don’t think we don’t.

I requested their signature Herbie Burger and was not disappointed.  This 7oz. Stock Yards Certified Angus Beef patty was cooked to my medium preference, was juicy and was seasoned well.  Thick, white cheddar is melted on top.  A few pickles sit in the generously slathered mayo on the bottom bun, soaking up the burger juice as well.  The bun held up well.

You need to like onions, which I do.  There are a lot of super thick caramelized onions topping the cheese.  I added bacon.  The bun from New French Bakery is soft, lightly toasted and very good.  This burger has a lot of flavor.  I liked it a lot.

Special thanks go out to our server, Tammy, who has been with Herbie’s since they opened.  She knows everything, and her food recommendations were money.  The service was awesome!  Also to Chef Tim Kovacs for his great menu and for saying hi.  Finally, a thanks to Tom Schoenberger for sitting down with us and taking an interest in what #TCBN is trying to do, and for the Herbie’s history lesson.

St. Paul has a ton of great restaurant options.  Herbie’s on the Park should definitely be on your go to list any day of the week.  As always, check out stories and posts from @phatphood and @shawnsrodgers.  They’ve got a few great things to tell you about.

French Fries – Very thick and delicious!

Truffled Wontons – The Bomb!

Poutine – Very good.

Classic Homemade Pie – Delicious!

Smoked Skirt Steak Tacos – Very good!