4.5 out of 5.0 stars

You know the saying “Movin’ on up!”. This place literally, moved on up the hill, to Cathedral Hill, that is.  Handsome Hog, previously in Lowertown, has moved into @chefjustinsutherland’s space where The Fitz was located.  The awesome patio has certainly been one of the talking points, but there’s a burger on this southern focused menu that has something on it we don’t see around here very often.

Have you ever had Pimento Cheese on a burger?  Have you ever had it on a burger at a restaurant?  The odds would say no.  I only know of one other place in the Twin Cities that currently has Pimento Cheese on a burger.  It is and always has been very popular in the south, not in the north.  Some of you might remember back in August of 2019, Chef Sutherland collaborated with Tillamook and created a few fantastic dishes featuring Tillamook cheeses.  My favorite was the Pimento Cheese Juicy Lucy made with his house made Pimento Cheese.

Now he’s got The Hog Burger on the regular menu.  It’s an impressive looking burger and it has his delicious Pimento Cheese bursting out from the top and bottom of the burger.  The two beef patties are loosely formed, charred well and pretty juicy.  They are cooked to a medium well temp.  He adds some delicious bacon confit (bacon cooked slowly in fat) on top of the patties adding to the hog theme.  Under the patties are some fantastic bourbon onions and a few thicker cut bread & butter pickles.  The bun is beautifully toasted and great.

Stop in for some unique and delicious menu items, along with The Hog Burger and let me know what you think.

Thanks for joining me @burgeraweek!

Sausage Gravy Poutine – Delicious!  Unique in that potato wedges are used instead of fries.