3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Located in the former Xavi location, if you’re looking for another Cuban food option, this just might be your place.  Me, I’m usually looking for a burger.  What?  They’ve got a burger?  Why not!

I’ve never had a Cuban Burger or Frita as they call it.  It’s a double patty, cooked in chorizo butter, not over cooked, pretty good.  They melt manchego cheese on each patty which provides a sweet, nutty flavor.  They add a few thin, crunchy, miniature, shoestring potatoes on top.  There are also sautéed onions and a few thin pickles.  What will hit you first is their very distinct zesty onion mayo.  It reminds me of a sharp horseradish sauce.  That took me a couple bites to warm up to.  The bun is simple, soft and good.  It is a good burger.

This is a counter service place.  Everyone was very friendly.

Maduros (fried plantains) – Fantastic!

Cubano – Very good.  A little more mustard and a few more pickles, please.