4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Anyone know what happened to a place called @grayduckstpaul?  It was one of the many places that shutdown during the pandemic.  It’s still here.  Madison Restaurant Group is revamping their stable of restaurants including Gray Duck Tavern.  The menu is a Burger Lover’s dream.  There are 14 of them on the new, kicked up, bar food type menu.  They’ll be getting you back a few times, just to get through their burger lineup.  Phat @phatphood, needed help tackling all these burgers, so he called a #tcburgernight with @shawnsrodgers & myself.

I chose their signature burger.  This burger is half wrapped like the Animal burger was on the old menu.  When you see it, it will look familiar.  It’s a Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery bun and you can tell by their signature split top bun.  It feels good and has a light toast on it.

It’s a 6 oz. chuck & brisket blend, seasoned very well, with a nice char and cooked to my pink temp.  The burger has a little smaller feel to it, so a 6 oz. patty works.  American cheese covers the patty.  I liked the crumbled bacon.  It was a nice change from the bacon style norm.  Sliced red raw onions are another slight change from the norm as well.  The shredded lettuce sits below the patty.  I’d love it if they added some sliced pickles and some aioli to the burger.

It’s a very good burger!

Thank you, Angela, for taking care of our needs and my Diet Cokes.  Thanks, Chef Eddy, for spending some time with us and bringing out some of the fantastic menu items.  Hit up Shawn & Phat’s posts.

Onion Rings are BOMB!