4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You’ll be treated like the King/Queen you are at the Grand Cafe.  Your Cheeseburger will even come in on its own throne!

You can start with one patty or two.  I’ll take two.  The patties are seared beautifully and avoid the thin patty dryness.  Beautifully melted American cheese covers both patties.  On top of the bottom bun, there is a good tasting bacon mayo and some ketchup.  They work together to create a distinct taste.  Shredded lettuce is placed on top of the bacon mayo/ketchup.

A few really good pickles sit on top of the lettuce.  A Franklin Street Bakery bun is toasted and has a nice crunch in all the right spots.  Right now, this cheeseburger is available for Sunday brunch only.

It should be a successful entry into the Brunch Burger club!  Make if one of your brunch spots.

Fries – No fries.

Tarte Flambé – Very good!