4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We are at the tail end of our back to back #TCBN steakhouse visits, trying to show you that steakhouses can kick out, not only great steaks, but great burgers as well.  @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers joined me in the ever popular, foodcentric suburb of Wayzata.  There are a bunch of relatively new restaurants located here, but there is also a steakhouse that’s been serving up great food for over 20 years.

What restaurants do you think are going to have great cuts of beef?  It’s a good bet it will be a reputable steakhouse.  Gianni’s is certainly one of those places.  They’ve created a 1/2 pound Steak Burger that is a blend of prime New York strip from @stockyards, and limousin brisket and steak trimmings from @petersonbeef.  It’s definitely got a steak flavor to it.  The temp was perfect.  It was seasoned pretty well and was pretty juicy too.  You can choose from a few different cheeses, my choice being American cheese in a surprise move. 😉 I also added sautéed onions, which were grilled perfectly.  They add a big slice of tomato and a ton of shredded lettuce.  I slid a little lettuce off to the side and still had plenty.  The bun from Main Street Bakery was soft, lightly toasted and very good.  It’s a burger you should give a shot.

Thank you, Pam, Emma and our server, Camille @nursecamipants for being awesome!  Check out all of our Gianni’s posts and stories for more.