4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The food truck options have exploded over the last few years and are certainly not showing any downturns.  As far as Minnesota, we wait all winter for it to warm up enough for these trucks to hit the road.  There were even a couple that even stayed out all winter.  I’ll drive across the entire metro to hit my favorites.  I’ve got a new addition to my favorite food trucks AND a new addition to my favorite smashburgers.

The short version is that this smashburger is very well executed with good ingredients and you will love it.  Can I do a short version?  Haha!  Let’s get to the long version.

Owner Dan knows what he likes in a smashburger and he won’t compromise on quality or execution.  He finds a chuck grind with a liberal fat ratio that will make the patties as juicy as possible.  He doesn’t specifically measure exactly how big the patties are, but they usually come out to between 3.5 to 4.5 ounces and he hand patties all of them.  It’s a typical Oklahoma Style Onion Smashburger.  He shaves his onions very thin and smashes them into the beef.  I love the size and thickness of the onions.  The patties get a great char and the onions cook nicely during the time the beef needs to finish.

On the double patty, and why would you get the single, one patty gets a slice of yellow American cheese and one patty gets a slice of White American cheese.  The @dennysbakery bun is soft & perfectly toasted.  What takes this smashburger to the “Oh Yes” level is the Garillers sauce.  It’s a mix of Duke’s mayo, ketchup, a little cayenne, a little sugar AND chopped Famous Dave’s sweet & spicy pickles.  It’s delicious and has just a hint of kick.

If you are not a pickle or sauce person, you can get the Classic Burger, which doesn’t have the sauce.  My last picture is the Classic Burger.

If you are not familiar with the Garillers Food Truck, it didn’t hit the road until mid August of 2022.  You will definitely see it around the south metro.  If you do, hit the brakes and stop by.  It’s in your best interest.