4.0 out of 5.0 stars

For my last post, I took a short road trip down to Rochester to check out a burger place I had heard about.  Common sense, or maybe hopeful sense, tells me Minnesota’s third largest city has to have a few more good burgers.  Since I drive through Rochester quite a bit, I’ve decided to check out a few more places over the next year and see what I can find in the city known worldwide for the Mayo Clinic.  As long as I was hitting one burger spot, why not hit two?  Just do some shopping in between to work up that appetite again.  To be honest, I didn’t need any time in between.  I was ready to go right after the first one.

We all know that Breweries around the state have really stepped up their food game.  @foragerbrewery has a scratch kitchen that focuses on all-natural produce from Minnesota Farms in the Southeastern area of the state.  Here is where you will find another good burger option.  The beef is two smashed style patties, they had that smashed char to them, seasoned pretty good, they were juicy as well.  White American cheese on each patty, melted just the way you want it.  The cheese and the beef are one entity.  A few tasty, thin sliced pickles sit on top.  Sliced red onions sit below the patties in a flavorful remoulade (mayo/aioli based), which is swiped on both top and bottom buns.  I’ve come to actually like some pretzel buns since a lot of places have softer, squishy pretzel buns.  This was a good bun, but it did squish down quite a bit as I was eating it and didn’t bounce back much.  I may try this burger again with one of their other brioche type buns.

@foragerbrewery is definitely worth a stop for one of their burgers.  I also want to try their pizza.  They were flying out of the kitchen as well as the burgers.  For beer, I had their malty “Pudding Problems”. Loved it!  Check them out.

I first saw this burger on @burgerstalkers feed.  Thanks, guys!

French Fies – Very good!

Cast Iron Mac & Cheese – Very good.