3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I started a periodical burger lunch with the @ziegler_cat work boys and girls a few years ago, which has taken us to a lot of good burger spots in and around the Bloomington area. We keep it within a 20 minute one way drive. This trip, we hit, not an old diner, but a new one.

@flynnsdiner has been open a few months, giving us that retro style decor and that classic menu with a little of their own modern spin on some things. It’s counter service, so order up front and take a seat. My double bacon cheeseburger was impressive looking. The beef patties had a loose feel. I didn’t get much juiciness or great seasoning from them, but they had a nice char. It was definitely cooked to a medium well temp. Cheddar cheese was melted well on each patty although I’d like a choice to have American cheese at a diner. A couple strips of nicely cooked bacon. I added some really good fried onions on top. It does come with raw onions, lettuce and tomatoes on the bottom bun, with pickles as well. There is some Flynn’s sauce on the top and bottom buns, but as you hear me say, if you’re going to give me sauce, then give me some damn sauce! I needed more than a teaspoon. A slathering is what I’ll take. I couldn’t really tell you if the sauce was good or not. The toasted bun was fine.

At the end of the day, or meal, it’s a good diner burger. I’ll stop in again.

Breakfast is served all day as well.

Fries – Very good.