5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I always enjoy the short trip up to historic downtown Stillwater.  Great views, great shopping and some great burgers.

It’s been almost 2 years since I was very pleasantly surprised just how good this burger was.  I raved about it after a fun #TCBurgerNight.  What has happened since then?  Well, all they’ve done is win the 2019 Best Burger in the Valley contest and just might have won another one if it hadn’t been cut short by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Does Feller Restaurant deserve the accolades it has received?  Absolutely!  It’s fantastic!

You will be hit by the free flowing, fresh made American cheese.  It’s elite.  Their Feller sauce is also lip-smacking good.  I hope you like grilled onions as much as I do.  They are plentiful and have a delicious, sweet flavor to them.  They are piled on top.  Bread and butter pickles cover the bottom bun and marinate in that tasty Feller sauce.

Did I forget the beef?  No way.  It’s a special house blend, seasoned well and my pink temp was nailed.  The bun seemed a little different.  The description calls it a house sesame bun, but there were no sesame seeds on mine, which is just fine.  The bun is close to perfect.  Buttery soft and toasted beautifully.

Hit up Stillwater, do some shopping or take a walk or a bike ride across the lift bridge.  Don’t make the trip for those activities, make the trip to experience The Feller.  You will remember it!

Located in the beautiful @lora_hotel

Make a reservation or pickup curbside.