5.0 out of 5.0 stars

OK, I need your help.  How would you rate a burger where the beef, cheese, sauce, onions, pickles and bun were all fantastic?  What’s that?  5 Star?  Alright, I trust you.  I’m going with that!

The boys in the burger band are back together after a week off for another Twin Cities Burger Night.  @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and our special guest for tonight, @aj_eats_mn, paddled up the St. Croix River to the historic town of Stillwater.  There, at the super cool @lora_hotel, we found an equally cool restaurant called Feller, @felleratlora, who’s kicking out an even more super cool burger called The Feller.  What we found out tonight is that Chef Sam Collins, @samcollins391 knows how to create a burger.  The grass-fed beef from @straussmeats is a blend of chuck with a little New York Strip thrown in for your tasting pleasure.  It was cooked to temp, seasoned very well, charred and juicy.  What will grab you first is the incredibly delicious house made American cheese.  It’s plentiful, has a unique flavor and an incredible taste.  A very generous amount of tasty, grilled sweet onions are placed on top and then their house made pickles join the party.  What Chef Collins has also created is an incredible Thousand Island-ish type sauce called Feller sauce.  Guess what?  It’s fantastic and plentiful as well.  All of this is housed in one of the best buns I’ve ever had.  It’s a house made brioche bun, which is soft, yet firm, lightly toasted and feels just right in your hand.  It’s perfect!

I honestly believe if you want to be known in this town, you create a killer burger and put it on your menu.  I want you to know, this is a killer burger!  It is worth your time.

Thank you, Chef Collins for creating this masterpiece.  Thanks also to Kate, who manages this beautiful restaurant.  Also to our server, Brianna, who happily brought us everything we needed.  The staff was incredible!  It was great to have Dan, @medic5us join us for the night.  As always, check out posts and instastories from the group.  We had a great time at Feller.

French Fries – Good