4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If you know anything about the Rochester Burger scene, you know one place has dominated it for 15+ years.  I would say one thing to the Rochester King of Burgers. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”!

Last year, I reviewed two places that want a piece of that Rochester Burger Pie.  I’ve got a third contender to that throne.  @fatwillysburgersmn has a super cool garage theme going on.  The lineup features burgers such as the Edsel, the Mustang and the El Camino.  The Super Bee caught my eye.

Pure and simple, the Super Bee is the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger.  7ounces of a special Angus beef and bacon blend patty from @yeoldebutchershoppe.  You will see the chunks of bacon blended in.  They put a super char on it, season it well and it’s juicy.  You can pick your cheese.  American, beautifully melted, please.  You want bacon, perfectly cooked and plentiful?  You got it.  Now I need a soft and lightly toasted bun.  Check!  This is a damn good bacon cheeseburger.  I thought it could be even better with some sautéed onions.  I was right.  Delicious!  If you are looking for some sauces.  Their sriracha and chipotle mayos are money!  Pickles are on the side.  If you are planning a Rochester Burger Crawl, put Fat Willy’s on your list!

Spark Plugs – Fantastic!  Pickle spears and cheese wrapped in an egg roll wrapper.

French Fries – Very good!