5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I still get excited when I see a food truck festival coming to my area or just a few food trucks/trailers that are going to be in a parking lot somewhere.  I know I’ll have a bunch of different food options with each truck.  The @faregamene food trailer menu touches all different types of food.  It’s a fantastic menu with items like ribs, smoked chicken, tacos and a fried bologna sandwich.  A week ago they added a new special menu item.  I can tell you, it’s very special!  So special, the #tcburgernight crew of myself, @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers had to make a visit.

It seems to me that food truck/trailers that offer smoked meats know how season burgers.  More often than not, they use the same seasoning on their beef patties as they do on their smoked meats and it’s a good thing.  @chef_sawicki grinds his chuck roll cut every burger day.  The two 1/4 pound patties are smashed on their flattop grill.  You can tell they were hand formed as they have a nice loose beef feel to them.  The beef is juicy and the sea salt & pepper seasoning is fantastic!

American cheese blankets the patties.  Chef created what he calls his White BBQ sauce.  It’s his take on Alabama white sauce.  It’s delicious and you get a swipe on the top and bottom buns, and it contains our favorite mayo, Duke’s_Mayonnaise.  He lines the bottom bun with a few of his tasty, thin sliced mustard pickles.  Onions, you ask?  He chops them up and griddles them perfectly.  The lightly toasted brioche bun is a beauty.  It has that nice crispy ring around the outside.

This is an amazing burger!  I’ve only got 5 stars to give.  I’ll give them all to this burger.

The Fare Game burger is available on Wednesday’s from 4 to 8 and for brunch on Friday’s from 10 to 2.  It might take a little more planning to get this burger, but it will be worth it.