5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The State Fair is over, but did you find that amazing burger you were looking for amongst all of the incredible deep fried food?  The answer is probably no.  I’ve got a FARE that has some great food AND an amazing burger and is not over, by a long shot. 😉

Their menu offers things like ribs, wings, chicken, pulled pork, tacos and a delicious bologna sandwich, but this is a Burger Blog, and this burger should be talked about as one of the best the Twin Cities has to offer.

Two 3 1/2 ounce patties, smashed perfectly with a perfect char.  Seasoned beautifully with sea salt and pepper and super juicy.  American cheese overs the patties.  The onions are chopped a little bigger and griddled.  Thin sliced mustard pickles line the bottom bun.  You’ll love @chef_sawicki’s white bbq sauce.  @dukes_mayonnaise adds some creaminess and tang to it.  You get plenty of sauce to satisfy.  The bun is soft and lightly toasted.  It’s fantastic.

This is an amazing burger!

They offer it as a single, but why did I just mention that?  Double that baby up!  The food trailer will be open in their @faregamene outdoor location until the end of October.  After that they will be moving the trailer inside at @tattersalldistilling’s N. E. bottle room for an extended stay.