3.5 out of 5.0 stars

One great thing about a Burger is that you can find a good one just about anywhere.  When you are not expecting it can be a lot of fun.  That happened to me recently at a very well known BBQ place.

It was National Catfish Day, so I decided to visit Famous Dave’s, where I’m a fan of their Sweetwater Catfish Fingers.  I thought as long as I was there, why not try a burger.  The first thing to note is that the pinkest they can cook the beef is medium well.  Not what I was hoping, so I just asked to get is as close to medium as possible.  It wasn’t pink, but it was surprisingly juicy.  It seemed to be seasoned ok as well as had a nice grilled feel to it.  They brush some of their signature Beam & Cola BBQ sauce on the beef patty.  It had a great flavor.  Sharp American cheese topped that.  Some nicely cooked jalapeño bacon is added.  Normally, this burger has a stack of their Georgia pulled pork placed on top, which I’m sure would have been good, but I really wanted some brisket instead, and they had no problem making that change.  The Texas Beef Brisket was super tender and delicious!  They also give you some lettuce and a couple slices of tomatoes & some good pickles in the side.

The bun was could have been toasted a little more, but it was a good bun.  They have 6 different bbq sauces at the table you can put on the burger if you like.  I am a Rich & Sassy guy, but tried the Sweet & Zesty, and it was very good.  I enjoyed this burger very much and would definitely tell someone to try it.

They do have a Build Your Own Burger option, so you can customize it a lot of different ways.  Also, if you download their App, you can get a free burger or sandwich & a side.

Wilbur Beans- I’ve always loved them!

Famous Fries- Good.

Sweetwater Catfish Fingers – Very good!