3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Food Halls certainly seem to be all the rage right now.  One place housing multiple restaurants and possibly some small shops or a market of some type.  You probably have heard of a few of them in the Twin Cities, but if you are heading south to Rochester or beyond, you might want to plan a stop at Artisan Plaza Food Hall along the way.

Falls Landing, the centerpiece of this food hall, offers supper club type food as well as what you might get out hunting and fishing.  Things like walleye, perch, duck, and a couple of delicious steaks.  What other option do you want besides fish and steak?  You got it, a Cheeseburger.  This burger gives you the standard lettuce, tomato and onion additions.  The lettuce is chopped and the onions are raw and red.  There is also the not so standard, Colby cheese, which was melted nicely and gives you a different cheese option than what you normally find on your burgers.

The beef was juicy and had an incredible thick char on it.  The menu says the bun is a Kaiser roll, but mine was just a simple, soft, lightly toasted regular burger bun.  It was good.  You get some delicious pub sauce on the side.  I poured some on my burger and used the rest to dip the crinkle cut fries.  When you first see the burger, it does look small.  The patty is pretty thick though.  I would not plan on sharing the burger.  The smoked ribeye was delicious and the chocolate brownie/cake dessert with ice cream and whipped cream was fantastic!

I visit southeastern Minnesota quite often, so I’m planning on stopping in again soon.  This food hall also has a pub called Oly’s Roadhouse, serving brick-oven pizzas, craft beer and a “curd burger”.  I just might have to check that out.  Tag me if you do.

You might recognize the culinary director of this food hall.  The well known, St. Paul Chef, JD Fratzke.

The Artisan Plaza Food Hall would be a great stop after a day on the Cannon bike trail or canoeing, kayaking or tubing down the Cannon River.

French Fries – Good.

Beef Ribeye – Very good!