5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Scenario:  You open up a new restaurant, there’s a buzz about your burger, and the buzz is true.  You have a fantastic burger!  What’s your next step?  Discontinue it and take it off the menu?  Of course! 🤔

You might think a major mistake was made.  You might be wrong.

Chef Jason Hansen just to wanted to try something new, so to replace a 5 star burger, he just created another 5 star burger.  Simple, right?    Easier said than done, of course.

Estelle’s twist on the Big Mac is the elevated Pic Mac.  There are a couple of differences.  No middle bun, so meat to bun ratios won’t be an issue.  The Pig part comes from adding tasty bacon and that the two beef patties are cooked in bacon fat.  The patties are loose formed, charred beautifully, seasoned well and super juicy.

The American cheese is fantastic.  The onions are quickly griddled, have a nice texture to them and are delicious.  One kicker is their special sauce.  It’s amazing.  Ketchup, Dukes mayo, sweet pickle relish and some special spices.  Chopped lettuce marinates in it.  Pickles are thin sliced and fantastic.  Don’t worry, they still have the best bun in the business, Martin’s Potato Rolls.  It’s perfectly toasted, soft and just the best!

It’s a fantastic burger!

I was a little sad the Hamburguesa con Queso had been taken off the menu, but my frown was turned upside down by The Pig Burger!  This Pig is flying high!