5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve been working, not only on my new Top 10 Burger list, but something you have not seen anywhere, a Top 25 Burger list.  No, I’m not kidding.  Major surprises are coming soon!

My first visit to Estelle back in February had me saying some very good things about their Burger.  Something kept telling me to revisit this place before I make my final decisions.  This Burger is not only very good, it’s amazing!

They’ve made a couple tweaks.  The two patties have been bumped up from 3 oz. to 3.5 oz.  They are loose packed beef patties, which is my favorite way to form them.  The beef is juicy, salty and seared beautifully.  Is there a Wow factor to this burger?  There sure is.  Their house-made American cheese will rock your world!  The other change they made was going from white American to yellow American, which according to Chef/Owner Jason Hansen, has a little better melt to it.  Back to the loosed packed beef patties.  What happens is, you get all these cracks and crevices in the beef and it allows the cheese to fill every one of them.  The cheese bursts out from everywhere.  You hear me say it all the time.  The cheese becomes one with the beef.

Estelle focuses on Southern European flavors and it’s evident with the addition of their piperade.  Chef also explains that Piperade is a Spanish basque stew of onions, peppers and garlic, slowly cooked down with tomato and Spanish pimenton spice.  It’s delicious.  There is also something called romesco aioli swiped on the bottom bun adding even more flavor.  Some rich and creamy Duke’s mayo makes an appearance as well.  The pillowy soft, lightly toasted bun is the special ordered Martin’s Potato Roll.  Martins Potato Rolls are considered the #1 burger bun in the country.  It’s the perfect bun!

This was one A+ Burger experience.

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