4.5 out of 5.0 stars

One place I pay close attention to for new burger creations is @estellestp. They’ve got a great track record of putting new and amazing burgers on their menu over the 3 years they’ve been open. Burgers like the Bacon Cheeseburger, the Pig Mac and their first burger, Hamburguesa con Queso.
I’ll admit, I expected a double smashburger, but they are bucking the smashburger trend and going with a single patty. They can control the temp a little better and keep it more juicy inside. This one is a 5oz., @petersoncraftmeats patty, medium temped, pretty juicy and seasoned very nicely.
Caramelized onions top the patty. The onions are cooked with thyme port wine and seasoned with sherry vinegar. They have an intense flavor. The cheese is Golden Velvet American Cheese. It has a little thicker consistency, but still melts very well. You’ll get plenty of cheese. Thin slices of house made horseradish pickles cover the bottom bun. I want to talk about the bun. You won’t find a better one. It’s wonderful. It’s an ACE bakery, black and white sesame seed bun. It has cane sugar in the dough. It’s soft, light and airy. It’s a work of art.
This is a delicious, messy burger. One thing that contributes to this mess, is the crazy, in a good way, amount of mayo swiped on the bun. This mayo might have you perplexed as to what is going on here. What is this flavor that is so prominent. I had to know. They’ve always used Duke’s mayo, but stick with me here. Mixed in with the @dukes_mayonnaise is a chicken demi-glacé, which is actually a chicken stock, made with stock, mirepoix and tomato paste. It’s strained and then the stock is reduced to intensify the flavor. I like the mayo, but my verdict isn’t in yet. Let me know what you think. The verdict that is in, is that this is a very good burger!
After you order the Cheeseburger, order the Rigatoni.  Just do it!