4.5 out of 5.0 stars

You really can find great food and great people in places you would never think of.  Like a BP gas station in Eagan.  If you pay at the pump, you’d never know.

The next time you get gas, you might want to go inside for a pop or chips and look around.  Look for some people standing around.  Someone might come out from behind a curtain to deliver some food to a customer and might be taking more orders.  That’s how it is at BP in Eagan.  The great food is from @el_sazon_mn and the great people start with Chef Cristian, @chef_de_leon1985.

You’ll see orders of burritos, elote, and amazing birria quesadillas and birria ramen to touch on a few menu items.  They started offering weekend brunch less than a month ago and offered what they call the Concha Brunch Burger.  A week ago they had a Burger popup where they grilled up their brunch burger and also added two more burgers named the La doble and the Birria Burger.

I missed the popup, but they made the Birria Burger available last week for a few days.  Chef Cristian made me the Birria Burger, but also made me the La doble.  The Birria Burger was very good, but the La doble filled my flavor tank.  Wagyu beef, 3oz., doubled up.  The beef melts in your mouth like butter and the medium temp is perfect.  You’ll notice the cheese.  It’s chihuahua and it’s put on the grill until it gets browned on one side, then it’s thrown on top of each patty.  It’s definitely unique and delicious.  You get a few thin sliced onions, a couple sliced tomatoes and some chopped lettuce.  Their house made pickles are fantastic.  The kicker is their Eagan Sauce.  It’s a chipotle based aioli with a few other ingredients added.  It’s amazing and I love that they are very liberal with it.  The sesame seed bun is toasted nicely and very solid.

This burger is messy and delightful.

Chef Christian has told me he is going to make the La doble available thru the end of October.  I suggest a visit to the south metro!