4.5 out of 5.0 stars

For many, many years, the Metrodome in Minneapolis looked lonely and isolated.  There just never were that many good restaurants around the area.  The West side of downtown has been the place to be for a long, long time.  Thank you, US Bank Stadium!  We’ve got more and more “East side stories” to tell.  We all had our own opinions on what a new football stadium would do for the East side of downtown Minneapolis.  Me, I tend to judge the areas success by the good restaurants that have popped up since US Bank Stadium was complete.  After last night, I think the East side has a bright future.

The #TCBN crew of Shawn Rodgers , PhatPhood and myself somehow hooked Tom Horgen, from the Star Tribune, and got him to join us for a burger night.  I’ve been watching his hilarious family adventures on instagram for quite a while now and really wanted to meet him.  Second to that, there was a burger involved.  My expectations were a little high since Eastside is now being run by James Beard nominated, Jamie Malone and her team.  I’ve heard some great things, but now I got to see it.

The burger is fantastic!  You can get the Smash Burger in a 1/4 single or a double.  Double please!  The beef from D’ Artagnan Foods was juicy, flavorful, seasoned well and had a good char in it.  All boxes checked.  American cheese on a burger is tops on my list and it’s loaded up on this beauty.  Shredded iceberg lettuce and the thin sliced pickles on the bottom bun add a lot.  The sauce on their burger is called fancy sauce.  It’s delicious!  Now, looking at the picture, you might think the top bun is too thick.  It’s not.  Their house made bun is soft and pillowy.  It’s very good.

If you’re living on the West side, all I can say is head over the Eastside!

Thank you, Chef Ryan Cook for delivering big time on the burger and all of the great shareables.  Thank you Nikki Soda for making us feel at home, and thanks to our server, Michael for taking care of all our wants and needs.  This is a beautiful restaurant!

French Fries – Fantastic!  Fancy Sauce!