4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The latest addition to the Craft & Crew Hospitality Group is open for business, and business should be good!

If you see a few cars parked around @dukesonseven this summer, don’t worry, they’ll be a place for you.  The spacious dining room, the large bar area and the amazing patio with a bar of its own, can handle a bunch of patrons.  You may hear the patio called a pawtio, since it is dog friendly.

ROYALE WITH CHEESE – Two patties, American Cheese, red onion, house pickles and basil garlic mayo.

I’ve enjoyed the Royale With Cheese at a few of their other #CraftnCrew locations, but I’ve never tackled the Triple Royale.  With no hesitation, I dove in!  Not two, but three, chuck, brisket & short rib beef patties.  You can request pink or no pink.  All three patties had a nice char, were seasoned pretty well and were juicy.  Too much beef?  Nope!  American cheese on every patty?  Of course.  I really liked their creamy basil garlic mayo and there was a generous amount on top.  Thin sliced red onions are a great choice with their very thin sliced house pickles and the mayo.  The pickles hit their mark. The bun is a solid choice.

I think you’ll enjoy this burger!

Start out with some Duke’s Wings and some Cheese Curds.  Finish with some Key Lime Cheesecake or their CBD Chocolate Chip Sandwich with Salted Carmel Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Thank you for the Sneak Peek, Duke’s!