5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m just making an assumption here, but is it now a requirement if you are opening up an ice cream shop, that you also need to serve killer smashburgers?  Not sure when that requirement was agreed to, but @dreamcreamerymn has delivered on it.  My fellow #TCBurgerNight crew members, @shawnsrodgers & @phatphood, can back me up.

Chef Nathan Mickelsen, @chefnate84, joined the brilliant Travail group in opening up an ice cream parlor with a few food items, including an amazing cheeseburger.  One of Chef’s previous stops, my earlier ice cream reference, Bebe Zito, and now Dream Creamery, tells me great ice cream and great burgers go hand in hand.

The ice cream is dreamy, but the Dream Burger will dazzle you.  Two 1/4 patties, the grind is ribeye, short rib & chuck.  The patties have a fantastic char, are well seasoned and juicy.  The onions are griddled and then smashed into the beef, Oklahoma style.  American is the cheese.  The house made garlic pickles are fantastic.  Those griddled onions are beautifully chopped.  There are bigger onion chunks throughout, which I love, and they also add a few chopped raw onions on top of the patties just because.

There is just enough “special sauce” swiped on the top and bottom buns.  Chef Nate describes the sauce as garlicky thousand island sauce without the pickles.  It’s delicious.  You can get the Dream Burger in a single, double or a triple.  I’d go double for the perfect meat to bun ratio.  Speaking of the bun, it’s a soft, perfectly toasted @dennysbakery brioche bun.  You may have heard this burger can be a juicy, saucy mess?  Totally!  This burger is absolutely one of my top recommendations in the Twin Cities!

Check out Shawn & Phat’s post for more info.