5.0 out of 5.0 stars

One cool thing about being on this burger journey, is the genuine surprise I get when a great burger comes out of left field from a place you would never expect.  I’m talking about a St. Paul neighborhood restaurant known for their Old Fashioned Hot Dago and Chicken Parmesan, both of which have their signature red sauce.  This place has been around for 86 years.  If you love Italian food, you probably are familiar with this restaurant, but until today, I don’t think it’s ever been mentioned as a place to get a great burger.  To quote a Bob Dylan song, “The Times They Are a-Changin’”!  The restaurant is DeGidio’s, the home of your next 5 Star Burger!

On the surface you might be saying, what the heck, how is that possible?  But, when we find out that owner Jason Tschida brought in Chef Shane Oporto, previously from La Belle Vie and most recently, Octo Fishbar, you can certainly believe it’s possible they’ve got a winner at DeGidio’s.  Chef Oporto has some burger cred, and this burger will only add to that.  Two 1/4 pound beef patties, a blend of brisket, chuck & sirloin, are from Husnik Meat Co. in South St. Paul.  They are juicy, seasoned nicely, have a nice sear on them and a soft, loose pattied feel to them.  I talk a lot about something grabbing you right away.  It’s the cheese!  Their special blend of Italian cheeses, Taleggio and Fontal, is velvety smooth, provides incredible meltability, and the sweet, nutty, tangy taste is fantastic!  This cheese does become one with the beef.  Another big hit is their delicious fancy sauce.  It has just a little bit of heat from the addition of Italian Calibrian peppers.  You are going to want to get a side of it for your fries as well.  A few very tasty, thin sliced, crunchy dill pickles, make their prescence known throughout the burger.  The egg bun from Franklin Street Bakery is soft, lightly toasted and close to perfect.  This is another burger I describe as having that soft feel to it.  It will melt in your mouth.  This burger will be in the conversation for best new burger of the year!

I am dying to hear what you think about this fantastic burger!  Catching a Wild game?  This needs to be your pregame or your postgame burger stop.  Tag me!

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!  Don’t forget the Fancy sauce!

Spaghetti & Meatballs – Very Good!

Garlic Cheese Bread – Very Good!

Pizza Fries – Very Good!