4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Note:  This is not a repeat post.  Normally, I don’t do back to back posts for the same establishment, but since this second post is a Juicy Lucy and not a regular burger, I’m going outside of my burger box and am going to do it.  This Juicy Lucy also happens to be pretty awesome!

There are a so many Juicy Lucy’s on the menu, it was very hard to pick one.  I was very happy with my choice.  The patty has a nice flat top char to it.  It is stuffed with a lot of flavorful cream cheese.  Normally, I don’t go for chips on my burger, but this wonton wrapper chip added a nice soft crunch to the experience.  Another main component to this is the sweet chili sauce.  It is fantastic!

The brilliance of this creation, is that a wonton wrapper chip is put on the bottom bun and then the burger is placed on top of the wonton wrapper.  The sweet chili sauce is then poured over the beef patty and the wonton wrapper collects the sweet chili sauce that is dripping down the sides of the burger.  One more wonton wrapper chip is placed on top of the burger.

As you can see in the picture, there is a lot of extra sweet chili sauce that you can use to dip your burger in throughout this experience.  I loved doing that!  Let’s not forget the beautiful, soft, lightly toasted bun.

The next time I stop in for this Juicy Lucy, I might just ask if I could get some chopped jalapenos put inside or on top of the burger.  You would get the heat from the jalapenos, and then the cream cheese and sweet chili sauce would totally cool it off.  My guess is they’ve done something like that before.  Hey, I’m just a Dan’s Bar & Grill rookie.

I’m giving Dan’s Bar & Grill some extra love because not only can you get a great burger here, you can get a great Juicy Lucy here!  They have weekly burger/Juicy Lucy specials that look incredible as well.  Keep your eye out for them.

Since I live in Rosemount, which is not very far from here.  This just might be my new “go to” local burger stop.  I really like this Juicy Lucy!

House-cut fries – Very good!